Being an Unapologetic Alpha Female


“Dude she totally wears the pants in the relationship”, smirked D to his friend, only to have the message passed on to my boyfriend. “The guy is toast.”

Yeah so? I wear the pants, he wears the pants, we all wear the pants. Because guess what fool? This is the 21st century! Go back to the 1500’s in case you wanted your significant other to toil over a stove and make meals for her man. Jesus.

Don’t you want your dad to listen to, and respect your mom??

How many times did you call a woman expletives just because she spoke her mind? This incidentally goes for men and women both.

Speak your mind and you’re a bitch, overaggressive and over assertive. Oh wait the worst ever “maybe she’s on her period”.

And a guy asserting himself is macho? *eye roll* #getalife

I come from a long line of fierce, independent women. Women who knew their minds, spoke their minds and were unabashedly alpha.

Dadiji was the first of her kind. An educator at the time when education for women was considered a waste. A woman who thought marriage should be the last of your priorities. The woman who taught my father lessons on how to bring up a daughter with ambition.

Nani was all of 12 when she got married! It took her time to find her wings, but she taught herself maths and accounts and still handles the farm, and brought up 3 kids on the side.

Bue, my wonder woman. Who got her PHD after she got married. Faced insurmountable odds in life and still has the biggest smile you can imagine.

These women wore the pants and owned them. Believe me.

We have all flourished under the influence of strong women in our lives: moms, grandmas, sisters, friends. All of whom mould us in fabulous ways with wisdom and experience. And this goes for men as well as women.

Our parents brought us up to be independent women, with minds that function and hands that work. Not some bimbo who bats her eyelashes to get work done. I mean you really need to get your act together if you don’t know how to pay your own bills, drive yourself and need a man for a constant opinion.

I’m no feminist on a bra burning mission. I’d love for my husband to hold the door open for me. (I hope you’re reading this line AP)

Neither am I asking you to ride your horse into war. Chill.

I’m just a woman who’s tired of men (and women) pulling down women because they are either victims of stereotypes, or choose to perpetuate them.

I’m tired of keeping my opinion to myself, because: beta, every argument isn’t worth it.

I have an informed, intelligent opinion, I’m not a ‘gaaye bhens’.

I’m totally fed up of being apologetic for having a contrary point of view.

I don’t have to agree with you on the basis of your age or gender.

I’m not ‘wearing the pants’ because my husband listens to me.

And for the last time. I’M NOT ON MY PERIOD.

I am supported by men who are intelligent enough to know that my opinion is valuable and my inputs are essential. By men who are confident enough of themselves that they wear pink with elan. Men who are wise enough to know my wrath .

I’m surrounded by women who know that divided we are separated and weaker. Women who appreciate milestones and applaud achievements. Not pack animals who cull the weak.

Being an Alpha is an honour. It’s not some cuss word you attach to demean someone.

I’m proud of being an alpha. I’m glad I’m strong enough to have a point of view and smart enough to argue my point. I’m also lucky that I have people around me raised by alpha women and married to alphas, people who know it’s a title that’s earned.



4 thoughts on “Being an Unapologetic Alpha Female

  1. vinita barnier

    wow Priyanka those blogs of your are really good i enjoy reading them and learning a little bit about you Keep up the good work


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