Barbie dolls and weighing machines




The average Indian woman is 5 feet tall and weighs 55 kilos

The average Indian man is 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 60 kilos

Yes, so this post is about me getting on the body image bandwagon. And I’m doing it because I was bullied by friends and family for not looking “ideal”, and I still am no where close to the girl on cosmo.

I’m surrounded by women who are all shapes and sizes. All beautiful in their own right.

They have all had their own struggles with weight. With the way people perceived them.  With some jackass store which turned them down because “ma’am we don’t stock Large”. Because some inconsiderate friend called them fat. Because some moron wanted a fair bride. Because she was too thin, too fat, too dark.

{Now before someone launches into a long lecture about health, let me clarify:

I don’t care about your weight as long as you have it in you to play a sport, run, walk, hike, swim, cycle, whatever is up your alley. It’s about being physically active as much as it is about being a healthy weight. And thankfully I’m surrounded by some fantastic women and men in my own family and some amazingly fit friends to show me what’s right.}

This is a new generation bullying people over their appearance.

It’s about being fair, thin and tall.

REALITY CHECK: We are brown, not so tall and not so thin.

No one looks like barbie or ken.

And the media have no right at all to put barbie doll-esque images on the cover of fashion and beauty magazines to spoil that.

Seriously since when did Huma Qureshi become anything close to a plus size? The chick is hot! And Amy Schumer? There must be an eyesight epidemic……

Does no one look around them before judging and passing snide comments on looks/height/colour/size? I mean do you even own a mirror??

And you really are as much to fault if you’ve said ‘she’s too thin’, as much as calling someone fat.

We’ve birthed so much body dysmorphia that the next generation is anorexic, bulimic, overweight and has a ‘white person’ hangover, in such a toxic cocktail that it’s hurting the way we bring up our kids.

I don’t want to bring up my son believing that women on magazine covers are ideal body sizes. I don’t want him judging colour either. I want him to believe in fitness, in working out, in getting off the couch and away from the damned i-pad. I want him to see that people have beautiful minds before their bodies. I really want him to understand.

I don’t want the little girls in my life to feel inadequate because they don’t fit into the cookie cutter mould we have created. Let them play with guns and cars, get tanned from playing sports and be whatever size they please( as long as they are healthy). Sand in my toes, curly hair and I don’t care type.

So if we want to bring up a generation that doesn’t have the same amount of body-conflict as ours, I suggest that we be the change instead.

Get up, move a little instead of that crazy diet you’re on. I mean seriously? You ate one french fry and are going to spend the rest of the day on the guilt train??

And honestly, buy a mirror. We are not the white people of brown people (Sorry Vir Das, I still love you though). We ARE the brown people.

Lets teach our kids the lessons we failed to learn. Lets teach our daughters right, and teach our sons better.






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