Do Nothing Days

It’s sunday afternoon. I’m in the sun fake attempting to write my blog while Di has band practice on the deck, A is writing in his new journal and Foz is sleeping the most blissful doggy sleep a dog can dream of. It’s the most beautiful day in sunny california.

But in case you missed the point, and it’s not the Cali part, it’s the unwinding part. Do nothing days.

They make a huge part of our vacation agenda. Our weekends also regularly feature them. And now you’re wondering if yours do…..they do right?

It’s the day of the week where the whole family just chills around. No plans. Brunch featuring pancakes and bacon. Maybe even ice cream for brekkie. Lazy showers. Reading a book. Family movie. You do that right?

The thing is, we get so stuck in routines, in rat races, in commitments and obligations, that we forget to unwind. To switch off our phones and laptops.

The smaller and larger pleasures of life get quantified by raises, cars, homes, parties and stuff that gets left behind.

And you forget to feel the experiences that actually enrich and recharge you. Your babies laugh, your mom’s lovingly made meal, the book that you’ve been meaning to read, the long walk with a friend, whatever rocks your boat.

One feels the need to constantly take a vacation, the need to just not get another email, to switch off somehow before one burns out.

I know , I know, I really sound like a mom when I take off like this.

But seriously, take time out before time runs out.

The biggest pleasures of life are mostly the ones we overlook because we are just running through life “living it” and getting from one imaginary milestone to another. A bigger house, bigger car, fancier vacation, some imaginary bank balance.

Whereas what we rushed through are the things that really matter. The memories we made and what will keep us company in the days when time abounds and our thoughts roam free.

You won’t remember the business deal that made some conglomerate richer, not the car that drove faster, not how amazing your designer jacket was.

What will keep you company, will be the memories of that sunny afternoon you spent listening to music, making boats and floating them in the rain, the smell of books, your child’s face full of ice cream and your do nothing day.

We only have that much time, let’s spend it well.

~Good Vibes~

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