Eating my way through San Francisco: A photo blog

So my much awaited vacation has come to its end. I couldn’t be more depressed as I write this blog. 

I’m sure most people are getting over their summer hangovers from all the beautiful places they traveled, be it nani’s home or some exotic foreign locale.

I spent a month in my favourite city on the planet. Beautiful, sunny, free spirited San Francisco(well Berkeley technically).

For everyone unaware of how much I love the city, I would make it home any day.

It’s progressive. People are liberal and are trendsetters( of the mental variety). They care about the environment, drive Teslas and carry reuseable shopping bags. They hike, run, and make the most of the beautiful hills. Basically make the most of life. And love dogs. 

The food scene is no less vibrant thanks to a massive immigrant population from all over the world. 

From the obvious pizza to craft beers to Korean food, any cuisine you can dream up. And every restaurant, be it big or small, has absolutely delicious food!

So we ate and ate and ate……. and never got bored! If you know me and A, you know our passion for food…… brace yourselves.

This beauty is from Barneys, massive burgers and brilliant milkshakes(not to forget a pretty nice beer collection). And of course I couldn’t walk home after this meal. 

We had our customary 2 stops a day for ice cream, because when the world ends, you don’t want to regret anything……

Bi-Rite has the best-est salted caramel ice cream. So much so that the non ice cream eater(sacrilegious, I know) husband loved it.

There is a reason why Mama’s is an institution. Any cabbie knows where this is! The omelettes were massive and the pancakes tasted like cake. Also, chocolate crumb cake. Needed to walk up a hill post that. But then ate ice cream soon after. You know, just in case.

True Food Kitchen, real food that was really really good. I don’t have a picture of the charred avocado, but oh my god, it was oh my god!

Also, cupcakes are always a good idea….

And brunch is always a winner. Specially the crepes at Maison Bleue and the decadent spread at La Note! Also, very easy on the eye wait staff always makes a meal better, hehe. 

I also had my favourite bar: The East Bay Spice Company. 

I know they do Indian food really well, but what brought me back over and over again were the exceptional cocktails( fine, the bartenders as well). And the view into Berkeley campus is really nice too.

I also ate at a Spanish place called Duende twice. I loved it that much. Amazing tapas and they make their own tonic, so of course the G&T happened. And then the flight of tonic happened. Basically, the waitress knows us now……

Oh and I have 2 words for you: spreadable chorizo. Damn dream come true.

Korean food is up there amongst my favourite cuisines, and Berkeley Social Club just happens to be around the corner from home. That’s where baby A discovered that KFC means Korean fried chicken……. 

Namu Gaji in SFO is also a family favourite with the stonepot rice. And Korean style fries. Love at first sight.

So not only does California take its wine seriously, it takes its beer very very seriously. Point in case, Rare Barrel. 

They do sour beers in a very cool warehouse type setup, and serve nothing else. Just remember to book an uber home.

I’ll also give an honourable mention to the Mexican food we ate, but the pictures don’t do justice to the flavours, so I’m not putting those up.

And our grand finale was Off The Grid. The mother of all food parks. A bar in the centre serving up beer, wine and cocktails. Food trucks all around. It was like I died and went to food heaven. You really NEED to go there!

So in case you see me randomly salivating, rounder in the middle or dreamy eyed, you know what I did this summer. I ate the world!!

P.S. Any questions are welcome!!

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